WR 450 F starting issues on E START

Why does the WR 450 F struggle to start compared to other brand 4 strokes when hot on the e button?

Any I deas what can be done to remedy it. ?

Normal jetting - mainjet , pilot and fuel screw does not improve the starting there must be something else to be done?

I have removed the wire in the cdi to give an imediate spark on the e button and still starting when hot is a hit and miss affair.inhe

Could it be an air jet in the carb?

When the bike stands for a minute or so it seems to help but imediate starts after shutdown is the problem

If the e start is weak would it help to disconnect the head and tail light to boost power to the e start?

I've asked this question to a few mechanics, and none seem to have an answer that helps. I put a Rekluse pro clutch in my bike last year and was hoping one benefit would be improved starts with the e-button. It didn't have any effect at all. A couple of weeks ago I replaced my battery with a new one of those fancy high dollar dry cell battery's....no change what so ever. It will start in neutral pretty regularly.....but in gear??? Not a snow balls chance in hell. I pretty much use the kickstarter all the time now.....always fires right up.

Thats exactly my problem kick fires up first kick but the e start is a hit and miss affair.

This has been discussed at length about a million times in this forum so you may want to search a bit but know that a well sorted, correctly jetted, correctly timed, correctly adjusted valved, fresh batteried, stock cammed, correctly electrically wired WR will fire off the electric leg hot or cold without issue.

Somewhere in the list of things I just gave is your issue; personally if it's a hot start issue I'd try valves first, then carb as you may have an incorrect fuel screw setting. But if you read the Stickys on carb setup and follow those exactly, and have everythibg i listed above correct, your WR should fire whenever, however and wherever you need it too.

My 04 has been sitting all winter in an unheated garage in northern Wisconsin. Last weekend I put the battery back in to warm it up and change the oil and it fired off within 5 seconds of hitting the button. Just saying it can work correctly as I've owned mine for 2 1/2 years now and have yet to use the kick.


I agree with miweber929, my 04 has always started good with the electric start and now with the carb recently cleaned and fuel screw in the correct position, the bike starts even better.

My stock '06 usually starts within 1 second with hot start lever pulled and bike in neutral. If I don't use the hot start lever or leave the bike in gear, it takes a bit longer but never more than 2 seconds.

Valves have never needed adjustment and bike has over 3000 miles. I am using a little 2.5ah lithium ion battery which so weak it will not crank the motor if the piston is at top dead center.

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