YZ426 Dirt Tracker Race Report

I thought you all might be interested to see my 2000 YZ 426 that I converted from a trail bike into a Flat Track Racer. The conversion consisted of lowering the suspension 3" front and rear, AFAM dirt track bars, 19" front wheel with Goodyear DT tires. I run stock gearing and currently I have the FMF pipe with a 158 main jet.

I raced it for the first time yeasterday and it was awesome! There were 4 others out there as well and they all worked great. I did beat three of the four others (he didn't run in my class). This is the best out of the box dirt tracker produced in a long time! I actually outran my buddy Scotty on his Rotax! Anyway check it out.

Roostn in Golden CO

Before the mods:

<img src=”http://members.home.net/highvelocityracing/personal bikes/yzbefore.jpg”>

After the Mods:

<img src=”http://members.home.net/highvelocityracing/personal bikes/yzafter.jpg”>




That's a cool looking ride. :)

Looks crazy, but I'd love to try it!


where's your front brake? :)

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