2002 WR426 Whats it worth?

I am looking to get back into trail riding on two wheels. I found a 2002 WR426 for sale locally (Midwest) that is in excellent condition with less than 1000 miles. He is asking 2500 for it, that seems a little high to me. NADA is 1505, KBB is 2165. What are your thoughts? Thanks Mike

2k. I paid 3100 for my 2006 wr450

Thanks for the reply. NADA average retail is $1505, not sure how close to real world pricing they are. Thanks again.

I payed 2400 for 05 WR450 last year. Just picked up 07 WR250 for a buddy for 2400. both bikes were low milage with stock tires. It all depends on your area and whats available. I wouldnt pay 2000 let alone 2500 but it seems like there has been a lot of deals locally. I would hold out for a better deal. If the wr is anything like the yz426 i hate starting it.

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