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250sx gearbox change

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Hi there, just a quick shot in the dark here:

I am looking to get a KTM 250xc but can't afford one, they want $12000 for them here in Peru!

But I can get a good condition 2007 250SX. I do a lot of really tight trails, steep, rocky and often slippery trails. I want to to a bit of motocross. I current ride a 2011 FE570. It's a great bike, but just a bit to heavy for me to manhandle up in the mountains. And although it has the power for motocross, it just isn't made for it.And finally I just miss riding a two-stroke.

I was wondering if it would be worthwhile trying to change the gearbox of the SX to that of an xc or xc-w? That would seem to me to be the perfect bike. Although I might have to do something to the power deliver, maybe a heavier flywheel and stiffer exhaust valve springs?

Anyone with some experience in this out there? I am not sure what sort of cash one would need to lay out for a gearbox change, or if it is efven possible. I would reallly appreciate some adive.


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