Has anyone foam or gone to a taller seat foam? Thanks for your responses :)

Ceet makes an excellent tall seat foam, much better than Factory Effex. Have one one my YZ250. Made a big difference...probrably will put it on the 426. The Ceet is firmer than stock.

I use the Guts racing foam. It's VERY soft!!!. Originally I had the normal height foam, but after riding a tall foam setup, I installed some padding underneath the Guts to raise it up a bit. They also sell soft tall foam- I should have gone that route but didn't.

A friend has the tall ceet foam. It's very hard, maybe just the same as stock. He drilled about 150 holes in it which softened it up quite a bit. It's still harder than my Guts regular height foam with custom pad underneath

Factory Effex is a bit softer than stock and of course lots taller. Finding a seat cover that fits properly can be a challenge, unless you just get the Factory Effex cover made for their taller foam (just discovered that my NStyle gripper doesn’t fit).

I had N Style on my '00, a "normal" gripper cover stretches over that, I guess it isn't quite as tall as the Effex product, and I think it might be slightly softer. Whatever, I don't know how anybody rides on that stock seat. You sit "in" the taller ones a bit more, and it holds you on the bike better. I think this can save a lot of energy for off-road events (where you spend more time sitting).

Of course, if you are under 6' taller may end up being too tall.

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