Loose Kick Starter?

Does this seem like a loose kick starter? As you can see there are scratches on the brake lever and some on the backside of the lever which either makes me think its loose. Not to mention it makes it hard to get a good kick out of it..or Im still a scrub haha. Heres a video so you can see what I mean. Couldnt kick it over for you, took the video late at night. The bike is an 06 YZ450F.

I tried tightening the bolt that appeared to hold the lever itself onto the starter motor and it didnt help.

So am I crazy or what, trying to get this resolved soon!

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no that has nothing to do with it... just get it top dead center to start it and if anything it's inside the motor

The lever looks like its folding back to.far...time for a new lever

I think it looks loose. but that is just me.


I just checked on my bike and that screw is recessed in the lever. I think that is what holds the lever to the mechanism and if it is not in it could cause it to rotate

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Referring to the image below, the trouble is probably that the screw (22) that holds the kick crank to the starter boss (19) has been removed and improperly replaced, or is broken or worn out, and is allowing the lever to sit too high on the boss to engage the built-in stops on the lever and boss correctly. When taking it apart, watch for the indexing ball and spring (20 & 21).

The stops could also be damaged as opposed to being assembled wrong, in which case you need a new starter lever assembly.


If it isn't that screw, check the stops at the bottom of the kick starter. There is a machined surface that contacts part 19 in gray's post. On my '04 that part of the kick start lever was warn out.

Thanks guys, Ill hit up the yamaha dealer for the screw. How hard is it to dissasemble? Is it just that screw that needs to be removed or the entire assembly?

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