Hey guys, I have a 03 wr450 that I have put a snow conversion kit on, we are headed to montana wednesday night but I broke the choke plunger off last night changing the jets! I ordered one from my local dealer but its not supposed to be in till wednesday night so I have to pick it up on the way, if it even comes in!!!! I dont think I will be able to sleep until it comes in :smirk: does someone have one they are willing to part with, or does anyone have a alternate solution?

I am in zimmerman mn and will be taking 94 through nd on the way there. if any one has one along the way or locally I would gladly pay for it! any help would be appreciated.

thanks, tom 763-242-4588

You might be able to get it to run without using the choke, depending on what size pilot your running. Obviously, a richer pilot will help. So will leaning the bike over on it's side until you see fuel flow out of the carb overflow, then starting it. Where are you riding in Montana? Maniac

Any choke knob from any bike with FCR will work. Honda, Kawa, Suzuki, KTM.......

As long as the shaft and plunger is there, you can still use it except you'll have to take off your gloves....

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