What camper should I buy?

Hey guys, I may possibly be looking at buying a 5th wheel in the near future. To be honest I'm not very familiar with them, but know it will beat the far out sleeping in a tent at races. I will buying a used one so I need to know what to look for. I have a '99 F250 with a 7.3. I'm looking for a 5th wheel camper with toy box, not really wanting to go over 32' or so.

So any recomendations of what to look for? Mainly just wondering what are the got to haves, and what I want ever notice if I don't have? Sorry if this is to vague.

Thanks in advance,


Get one with a slide out and look at the Gross Weight of the 5th wheel. Your 3/4 ton truck probably won't be able to handle the pin weight. Around 20% of the total weight will be your pin weight.

Things that I find important. A full size shower and capable of sleeping 3 men without any changes or removing anything. Nothing sucks worse than having to drive all night or getting into camp late and having to remove bikes and gear just to sleep for the night. In my rig, we can roll into the back, one on the couch, one in the dinette or the recliner and me in the master. Everyone gets a good night sleep and no one is tired in the morning or dogging later in the day.

Don't buy a new unit if you can avoid it, they depreciate a ton when you roll off the lot. But it may be worth it to finance and go for a nicer rig than if you pay full cash. You can write off the interest on the note as if it were a second home. If you can somehow work it into your business, than you can really get creative, you can write off storage fee's and consumables.

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