as some of you know i just got my new bike. and i'm kind of worried about having an engine problem or some other type of problem like some people have been having with theres on this site. so is there a sure way i can keep my bike running real good? besides changing oil and keeping the filter clean. any kind of closure someone could give me would be great and trust me i need it. its going to cost me $9,000 for this bike(after paying interest) so im going to try and pay it off early so i dont owe as much. i'll appriceate all the help anyone can give me. so far this bike is awesome though!!

I guess you need to hope you got one of the good ones!: :D There are many out there that have had no problems, but some have bad CDI's, carbs, etc...

#1- Run your chain slack at the loose end of the specs. Too tight and it'll break the hub.

#2- Drain the gas from the tank until your next ride, loosen the cap and point the vent tube up. Will possibly prevent cracks and helps graphics last longer.

#3- Spend your $ on good fresh tires not unneeded mods. I see alot of riders with shitty rubber but a new pipe or graphics.

By the way I have an '00 that only had a tank crack and had a '98 that I rode the crap out of with 0 problems! :)

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would it be any problem if i DIDNT drain the gas? my tank is full right now ill be going riding some time this week we ride 2 or 3 times a week. i guess when im done riding i just wont fill my tank back up.

Don't worry about the gas in your tank unless you bought a 00. Clean your air filter and change your oil religiously and ride man! (Oh, you might consider an o-ring chain too)

If you follow the recommended maintenance then there really isn't much more that you can do. Just relax and ride, if it's gonna break then it's gonna break. These things are for stress relief, not anxiety. Have fun!!

Don't worry about the gas!

-Check your bearings. Mine were dry from the factor (yes all of them!)

-Clean the carb every 6 months. A little dirt in the carb will make the bike run much worse, yet gradually over the course of time. Don't buy perfromance parts, just clean the carb

-Yep, chain slack needs to be kept correct!

- Focus first on tearing the bike down to lube all the bearings, then look at ergonomics. I had to get a high bend bar, bar risers, handguards, new seat foam, and sharpen the footpegs to feel comfortable on the bike.

- Break in the bike real gently and change the oil and clean the oil filter about 4 times in the first 75-100 miles. You'll be amazed at the shreds of metal in the first few oil changes!

- Ride it, man!

Thanks for the responces everyone. amazling my bearings are all greased up! so i dont have to mess with that. ive rode my bike once so far after i ride it one more time ill change the oil in it.

My 01' had grease on the bearings too. This must have been an old problem which they corrected..

maybe yamaha execs read! Hey Yamaha if you are about a good chain and oversize bars that come stock! The engine has plenty of power but 15lbs less weight would be appropriate!


I get my kicks on a 426!

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