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Full Floating Rear Brake for RM250B

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If it's what I'm thinking, the full floating brake thing was a fad in the 70's. It required putting a bushing in the casting that holds the brake shoes and now anchoring the backing plate to the frame, not the swing arm. It was supposed to help prevent lockup under hard braking during suspension movement. I did it on one bike. Kind of a pain in the butt for maybe no gain. I don't think anyone does this any more, especially with rear disk brakes.

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Sure thing man.

If it's a mod you want to do, then go for it, and don't let the nay-sayers 2nd guess your plans. I think it's a cool mod.

There are benefits to keeping brake torque away from the swinger.

For one, it eliminates brake squat and keeps the suspension stable when braking through whoops and rough ground.

Won't help w/lock-up but does eliminate chatter and that "funny" feeling the pedal has while hitting bumps when standing on the brake.

Just keep in mind that the torque rod needs to run parallel w/the swinger and both ends of the rod need to pivot also (I'm sure you knew that).

I visit McMaster for hardware.........

good selection of everything



Ballistic for heims.........


and just started doing business w/craden..........


Really don't need left/right joints, I just drill/tap an aluminum rod and screw a heim in each end.

Made a shifter linkage for rear-set Harley


and my version of anti-squat for the old (new) Titan.

The center stand was in the way so I had to scissor it to the top of the swinger............. works good.


Too much trouble?


It's all in fun if you like to tinker.

Go for it man, and post up a thread on the mod.

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Good luck with your project azjeep those were great bikes!

Old-timer you have some unusual mods on that bike do you have a link where i can view more of this bike?

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Not to hijack, but yes.

Click on the pic an it'll take you to the folder.

You can access all the projects (past and present) there through the "albums" option.

Thanks for asking.



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