dumping water

after my recent rebuild ie last week for 5th gear slipping out of started the engine today to check oil level and water levels etc,,,the bike cut out and after some kicking found water in the cylinder and on plug,,,was coming out the plug hole when engine kicked over a new gasket set was used and torqued down correctly,,funny it was fine before the strip,, has any one came accros anything like this before regards peter

what brand of HG did you use? With my rebuild, I used a Cometic gasket set and what I found was the retaining pin that holds all the multi layer steel gasket together actually wasn't placed correctly (manufacturing tolerances) well, if I didn't find the issue before I installed the head it would've caused the head to not seat/seal properly to the cylinder jug. Before you installed the parts together did you do a fit check of the gaskets on both the Jug and Head?

If water was actually coming out the hole in the side of the head, did you do any water crossings lately or wash your bike? Only way coolant/water can make it out that hole is if your head is cracked, or, the coil pack wasn't fully seated on the plug and water accumulated under the coil

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many thanks for the reply i used a gasket set tcr racing on flea bay approx £40 for the full set

now ive ordered head and base from a yam dealer £60 just for 2 gaskets,,,sent barrel and head away today for small skim

only way coolent/water can make it out the hole is if head is cracked ???? as cracked do you mean warped ie gasket not fitting correctly etc

thanks peter

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