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Washington SB5998 - A Discover Pass bill worthy of support

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A Discover Pass bill worthy of support!

This bill is similar to SB5977, SB5985 and HB2153 in that it allows Discover Pass transferability between two vehicles.

The primary difference is it also limits the Discover Pass requirements on DNR managed public land to developed areas such as campgrounds, trails, trailheads and associated parking lots.

See link:


The additional benefit would primarily be for the sort of guy that is just out on DNR managed public land cruising the roads and not using trails or campgrounds.

It would also keep the DNR from setting up roadside D-pass enforcement checkpoints.

SB5998 gets a hearing before the Senate Energy Natural Resources and Marine Waters Committee on Thursday 2-Feb-2012.

Please contact the committee members and let them know that this is a good bill to pass.










Example email below, use it or much better, modify it to make it your own.


Dear Senator xxx,

I am writing you today concerning Discover Pass bill SB5998.

This bill will be before the Senate Energy, Natural Resources and Marine Waters Committee on Thursday.

In addition to the transferability proposed by other bills, this one would add an additional element of fairness lacking in the current law.

SB5998 would limit the pass requirement on Washington State Department of Natural Resources managed public land to developed recreation sites such as campgrounds, trailheads and trails.

This is only fair and in keeping with the intent of the Discover Pass. The people that use the facilities funded by the pass would have to pay and the people that do not would not have to pay.

The current situation where people that merely drive on a DNR managed forest road are expected to pay for a service that they are not using is not fair and SB5998 would fix that inequity.

Please vote yes on SB5998.

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