Engine Rebuild


I have been posting on the Yahoo board but I like this format much better. Some of you might have seen my thread about my Transmission.

Anyways, I had the crank/con rod bearing give up the gost a week ago and now I am into a complete rebuild. So far I am about 600 bucks deep into it and thats just parts, I am doing all the labor. :) I believe that I have everything under control but I do have one nagging issue that I am looking for advice on. The oil pump had some brass go through it. The pump rotors are being replaced but I now have a degree of concern about the pump body, which as you know, is part of right outside case. The pump body still shows the swirling machine marks but it has some slight scoring. Should this be a concern? Will my oil pressure suffer? What should a brother do?

Oh, BTW, while the engine was in 10 bizillion pieces I figured it wuld be a good time to rip into everything! From the forks to the swingarm, everything got the once-over, cleand, and relubed! If you have not done this yet, I would as most of the bearings were very near to being dry.

Thanks for the help!


Call Rob Barnum at Barnumspro.com

He is a great guy just to chit chat with about this type of stuff. Tell him Irondude suggested you call him to get some advice. He will probably snicker...and then tell you more than you ever wanted to know about brass shavings in the pump, or valve tulliping or whatever... He is VERY open to guys just cold calling and asking for advice. Plus he is The Man when it comes to our bike...


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