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three questions 06 top end

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I am waiting on my manual to come but have a few questions.

Valve clearance intake and exhaust.

Head bolt torque lbs.

How to get the crank mark lined up for top dead center? on a yamaha 4 stroke, there is two plugs and you can put

a rachet on the crank nut and aline the mark and adjust as needed.

Thanks for any advise.I should have my manual soon.

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Vave Clearance

Exhaust .17mm-.22mm

Intake .10mm-.15mm

Head Bolt 44 ft/lbs Replace the copper washers under bolts. Not recomended to re-use.

Finding TDC.

1.Right below the vent hose on the generator cover remove the cap by unscrewing with flat blade screwdriver.

2. Remove the cap to the right of the first cap.

Look behind the first cap you removed and you will find a 8mm bolt. Place 8mm socket on balancer bolt and rotate clockwise until the slits in the generator cover align with the marks on the flywheel..

You will need a flashlight or good lighting to see. I always double checking by looking at the alignment marks on the camshaft sprockets

If you are doing a rebuild you might want to repost for a list of recomended parts. Dont try to save a dollar It will bite you.

Also their should be a PDF on the website for your bike.

Good Luck

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