2010+ throttle jerk at idle

How did you get rid of the jerky throttle response off idle and what would you recommend? Bottom end power is great, but that twitch causes instability in corners.

My bike is all stock except adding a tooth to the rear. I like the power, except the twitch when applying throttle and the top being flat.

Would an aftermarket exhaust cure the jerky response?


If you have a gytr programmer try the jay marmont map, it lessens the off idle jerk and spreads the power out.

Thanks guys. I looked at the power tuner. Lots of negative reviews that were largely due to the broad RPM range affected by each fuel setting. Pipes seemed to benetit many and may be needed in addition, so it seemed like a place to start. I have heard of the injectioneering mod, but again with mixed reviews and problems with customer service. i'll take another look.

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