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crf450r idle

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thans for taking your time to read this.

i have a 2003 honda crf450r

i ride at around 6000ft and about 30 degree temperature. i am using it as a snowbike in the mountains

the bike has an fmf powercore 4 pipe, quickshot2 pump cover, and no airbox just a high flow mesh with a water proof cover.

it has a 185 jet and the red needle from the JD Jetting kit- im not sure what the code is

the bike seems to have two idle speeds when it is warmed up. when i set the idle to 1700 rpm it will stay there until i rev it up then it will stay around 2200-2300 until it is put under a load or i bump the kill switch. every once in awhile it will idle down ofter a few seconds. this has been a problem because i have a rekluse clutch and it will kill the bike trying to put it into gear at the higher idle. i have to constantly adjust the idle throughout the day because of the significant altitude changes i do. sometimes when i come to a stop with it in gear it will randomly rev up until the clutch starts to engage then goes back down, like it is trying to go to the high idle. i do not ride the bike when it is under 100 degrees so all of the issues are at warm tempuratures. the bike runs strong and doesnt decel pop and doesnt smell like its running rich so it seems to me be jetted right.

thank you for your help

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You have 'hanging idle'.

First thing to adjust is the fuel screw, which you didn't mention adjusting.

It is the key to clean idle.

Most common reasons:

- frayed or out of adjustment throttle cables ('push' cable needs to be fresh and tight)

- air leak at exhaust or intake (header crush seal, junction seal, loose / torn air boots)

- worn out throttle slide plate seal - replace

- poorly jetted pilot circuit (too lean)

- poorly adjusted fuel screw (controls idle quality, idle screw controls idle speed)

- missing fuel screw o-ring

- worn out emulsion tube (needle drops into this tube)

- leaking intake valves: do a leak-down test

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