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KDX 200 or 220 for Casual Trail Riding

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I keep coming back to this bike (KDX, generally) as being one I could have a long-term relationship with. I've never ridden one, though and never owned a Kawi dirt bike. I'm a Yamaha guy mostly. They don't make a good 2T trailbike anymore since they stopped making the IT. I have an old IT 250 I love to death and will never part with, but the ancient suspension and poor ground clearance make it a less perfect choice for larger trail junk. I like doing single-track, moderate to technical stuff and a little cross-country desert whoop stuff. I'm thinking more on the lines of the "E" model given its lower seat height and ergos similar to my DR 350 (which I also love and will never part with). My concerns are: never had a bike with liquid cooling or a power-valve (I know, I'm an old-school luddite) and the Kawi's seem to have a tendancy to weakness in these areas. How easy are these things to work on, and how often are there failures? I'm also not keen on the "internal" crank seals. Splitting the cases to change crank seals is really dumb to me. How often do these fail? Any help or encouragement is appreciated. Thanks!

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