Warning-stator star screws loose

My friend and I just installed a fly wgt. on his 01 426. We had the job all but done and were putting things back together when we found that two of the three star screws were loose and all but ready to fall out and down into the engine case. The manual calls for these screws to be TQ. at 7.2lb.This bike had maybe 10 hrs. on it and had never had anything done except oil changes. So we assumed that this was a factory blunder. Needless to say a 5 minute inspection by removing the cover and checking for proper TQ may save a lot of money. Any questions just let me know. MY wgt. is in the mail so I hope to install it for this weekends ride, we will see if my bike has any surprises.

Where did you buy your weight from? I am going to be getting one in a couple of days from Baja Designs.


YZ 426F

XR 250R

Austin, TX

[i got one from Ty Davis, www.ziptyracing.com. As did my friend. You can get the unit that only requires replacing the flywheel, or the cheaper one that you have to drill and tap and bolt on the wgt. Good luck, make sure to check the TQ on the stator, star head screws.

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