WR Lighting

Anyone tried the PIAA H4 80/80 Superwhite Xenon bulbs in their WR's yet? I know they put out a lot of great light but how do they hold up in off road/dirt bike applications?

The stock WR stators cant generate enough juice to use those bulbs. :)

Correct me if I am wrong, but do WR's from 2000 up not have stators that put out 130 watts?

Assuming you are using either low or high, and not both, that should leave plently of leeway for the tail light. My concern would be whether the headlight assembly could take the heat of a 80 watt bulb?


Baja Designs suggested the bulb and said the stock WR250F lighting coil (130w)would run the Xenon bulb with no problem. I was wondering how they hold up under the conditions we ride in. I have read some product reviews from Auto's that say they have had some that only last a month!

At $36 a bulb I would think they should last longer than that!

Some of the stator juice is used to run the engine so I do not know how many watts are used at what rpm but anyone who has tried it let us know. I dont think it will give you full wattage unless you are at maximum rpm all the time. :)

Hey Vibeguy I have had that bulb on my WR450 for about 3 months now, seems to be holding up. It was sent to me from Baja designs because I kept blowing bulbs on my dual-sport kit. I had a diff brand with a 80-100watt for about 4 months thin I washed it and got water in the reflecter part.(It blew). So becarefull whin washing. By the way light out put is ok but best whin hammering it. Is this kinda what you were looking for? :)

Im running (2) 50 watt bulbs in my Acerbis blitz with the wr 130watt stator. It seems to power it just fine. That is with a tailight also.

Ronnie Mac,

Just what I was looking for, thanks!

Indy, the lighting coil is a separate winding from that which runs the CDI.


Yeah that's right. Why does the stock headlight struggle at low rpms? there should be plenty of juice? It seems that I need to be above 4000 rpm to get the stock light to maximum brightness. :)

That is caused by having too high wattage bulb in it. Try about a 35w bulb it will make a huge difference. The higher the wattage of the bulb you use, the duller it will be at low RPM.

Anyone know the physical difference between a '98 WR stator and the newer ones? I know they put out more power (watts)b but why? Larger coil wire cross section? More windings....

I have access to the materials and equipment needed to rewind/modify one, I'm just not sure exactly what to do. I would like to upsize mine but do not know where to start.

:devil:'Ya never know, maybe my Mad Scientist buddies and I could get one up to 300-400 watts. I could run all my gadgets some big baja headlights, hand warmers, butt warmer...

Just kidding, I would like to run a nice bright headlight and maybe some handwarmers. :)


If you have the access to the tools, why does nobody there know how to rewind the coils?

I'd get a pro to rewind it. There is a lot of heat generated and if you're not careful with joints and the insualted wire, something could burn out. There's a easy formula to work out the amount of windings and wire size and a pro shoud be able to help you out.

Shop around at local motor rewinders. :)

That is caused by having too high wattage bulb in it. Try about a 35w bulb it will make a huge difference. The higher the wattage of the bulb you use, the duller it will be at low RPM.

Sorry, not it. Stock WR 426 with original bulbs does just that. At idle it just doesn't make the juice, or maybe it has something to do with the way the voltage is regulated. I am not sure, but it is normal for this bike.

Im running (2) 50 watt bulbs in my Acerbis blitz

I just poked my nose in my stock light assembly and noticed the wiring isn't very heavy. Are you pulling your 100 Watts from the stock front headlight connector, or does the kit give you new wire to connect back up the line a ways.


100W/12V ~= 9 amps. Anybody have any problems with this, or know of any better places to connect extra power to?

For 10A I would run at very least 14 gauge, 12 would be better. However the low rpm/dimming problem is that the generator can't supply enough power at those rpm's. Either get a bigger battery to compensate while you are at lower rpms...assuming that you won't stay at low rpms for that long eg. 1min max and when you get on the juice again it should charge the battery back up.

Or get a new stator (better) with more power output. If you do you might need a bigger regulator to handle the extra power. :)

I am going to fit a battery in the air box to handle this problem at low revs. I already bought the regulator/rectifier from baja designs. My question is this.. what minimum battery specs do I need ? I presume its 12 volts but how many aH ?? And what is the physical size ? I have a 12v battery already from another use, but it takes up most of the remaining air box space. I want to install the smallest/lightest one that will still provide decent lighting.

Oh and where on earth can I get a 35W bulb ? Everyone I speak to has never heard of one with the kind of connector we have on the headlight.


I am going to figure this out and do it myself for the fun of it. :)

Thanks for the "motor rewinder" suggestion, I know I guy who winds 'em so I'll ask him.

When I figure this out I'll post the instructions. I am hoping that it can be done with a soldering iron, some magnet wire and a spray can of conformal coating.


Regular soft solder will melt. You need a high melting point solder for your connections.

Look at my previous posts. I went the same route to legalise my wr 426 2002.

A 1.2 a battery should do just fine, 4 inch x 1.75 inch x 2 inch app.

Also look at the posts of Rich from orlando. Great source of info

Good luck

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