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Clutch Not Engaging

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I bought a used 2000 YZ250 and after a days ride and then loading on truck while running the gas out of the carb, the rpms went through the roof I guess because of it leaning out (never had this happen on any bike 2 or 4 stroke I've owned in past). When it first started I panicked and put it in gear thinking I would stall it out to make it stop but then thought better of it when considering my surroundings. I should state that it worked great before. When I went to unload I noticed the clutch no longer would engage. I have since replaced the clutch with a Tusk clutch kit including new springs and there is no change in behavior (still does not engage). By the way, I can see the the clutch plate move out when I pull in the clutch lever. The clutch lever appears to be operating normally (play and tension). One other thing, the clutch basket looked good meaning no grooves or any noticeable imperfections. I'm out of ideas, please let me know what to try. Thanks, Rusty

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