Quicky hight altitude re-jet?

I'm going to be taking a trip up to the mountains in southern Utah this weekend, and since this is probably the last time i'll be able to make it up there before it snows, I don't want to bother with a full re-jet of my carb. When I have gone up there in the past, I have left my jetting stock, and while it ran decently, it was definetly too rich. Would it be worth it for me to raise the clip on my needle a spot or two when I go up there? Or should I not even bother? My main goal is no not have to deal with a fouled plug while I'm out in the middle of no where (i've heard you can foul a plug on a long down hill from being jetted too rich at altitude). I'm going to be riding anywhere from just about 9000' to well over 10000' Thanks. :)

Jetting only takes a few minutes. Just do it at home before you go.

Download my hi altitude jetting chart and use it. Follow the directions. You need Microsoft Excel. It will get you close.

Download it here: www.sbuttes.com

THIS THING IS KILLER thanks man! :):D

Glad you like it. Have fun in the mtns.

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