Annual Thomaston Dam ride Sat 11th Ct. Ny. Ma, Nj

Posted - 10/06/2003 : 3:06:19 PM


Come on out and participate in the first annual Thomaston Dam, located just outside on Thomaston Ct. annual ride. Why? well its because I am a new member and a fairly new rider so I don't know very many people who ride. I hope others will join me around 12:oo noon because if no one else shows up I will probably become lost in the woods. Do you want this on your conscience? No, I didn't think so. Lets all help out a newbie, have a great time. Any age, and a special bonus for parents the KORP ride with Tina will be at 3:00. This is the best weather of the season, it will be our fall color ride. Please, dont make a newbie beg. Let me know and I will look forward to meeting new riders. Call me or email me for directions. 914 443 3804. Fred

I cant go Sat. the 11th but I would like to check it out...maybe another date? Let me know

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