2012 WR450F TT Rider Reviews?

Was wondering if anyone is riding the new 2012 yet. I've heard mixed reviews. Guess the biggest concern I have is the power in sandy riding.

From what I've read and heard.

The good is handling, ergos, goes well in tight terrain, good overall package for easy to intermediate riding abilities.

The bad from what I gather has been the power on the top end drops off, heavy feeling when braking downhill. Dirtbike Mag claims front floats a bit as well.

Was wondering if anyone is riding the new 2012 yet. I've heard mixed reviews. Guess the biggest concern I have is the power in sandy riding.

From what I've read and heard.

Dirtbike Mag claims front floats a bit as well.

I haven't seen anything in Dirtbike mag on the new WR yet. March issue has a YZ450 "dual sport".... where are you reading these tests??

The only reports i've seen are from Europe since the bike was released there in December, and all the initial rides have been very positive... of course their bikes don't come with all the green sticker crap, so we are at an automatic disadvantage until we find the tricks to uncork the bike and unleash the true potential.

Rather buy a KTM 300 , thats what I will do before buying a heavy WR 450 again .


Sweet. Pictures are great.... but, how does it ride??

Rather buy a KTM 300 , thats what I will do before buying a heavy WR 450 again .

Apples to Oranges dude...... Apples to Oranges. :smirk:

I have a 09 WR 450 F and never again , It might be cheaper than the KtM 300 but after all the free mods etc and the fights and time spent with the carb to get it jetted correcly and the issue with the electric starter not starting when hot etc etc its just not worth the effort.

If you only doing desert riding then maybe But its not worth it for me and it is farking heavy compared to the ktm and you might say why not buy the new FI WR ?

I just bought and paid off my 09 and due to the bike's reputation it does not sell well secondhand so I am stuck with it.

Well my apple has a worm......

Well my apple has a worm......

Thats pretty funny.... and I respect your opinion.

I would rather have an electric start not work correctly and be able to kick start the bike, than have the KTM EFI leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere. Now the 300 would be sweet, and I considered them but with the trails I ride on I would be nervous about that big ol' 2-smoke pipe sticking out there like they do.... just a personal opinion, but the weight savings sure would be nice.

I have an '06 WR450. Last bike was an '04 300EXC.

The KTM turns sharper and is easier to throw around in tight woods. Good race bike if you can deal with the vibes/arm pump. The vibes on the 300 caused nerve damage in my hands. Shut me down for two years.

WR450 gets better traction, less deflection, smoother motor, better straight line stability but takes more muscle to move. WR needs major suspension work to be on par with the 300.

With a good suspension overhaul, I feel that I am as fast on the WR as I was on the 300 in most situations, It just takes a different technique. I have more fun on the WR and last longer because there's less arm pump. I also find the WR easier to ride because of the traction.

The 2012 model may fix the two biggest gripes with previous WR's - slow turning and weak suspension. The weight is still there. It will be interesting to see what the pro's do to lighten the new WR. Australian pro's Matt Phillips and Daniel Milner will be racing the AORC on the new WR. First race is 2/25/12 - http://maddixpark.po...lian-yamaha-off

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Well ok seems I am a bit unfit for the WR then ........More gym less beer......

My riding is mine dump forest shale climb etc and the weight is a factor ! gets to me on the rocks !

Anyway hope the new one is better as there is no jetting to be done!

Now to go and look for the worm in my bike again --Tinker tinker here wormy wormy ! :bonk:

:smirk: 2012 WR450 F.

Hi all, good to see this topic going, i just recently brought a 2013 WR450F Australian version. For the 1st week ive rode around trying the bike with only the exuast insert changed to a offroad one supplyed with bike in a offroad kit. I was pretty sad at 1st haha at how slow this bike was stock. It wanted to open up then just splutter an gotta shift up or you go no where. Then after stacka reading from this site mainly i realized i had everything already to get the bike working like a bike should. So what i did was remove throttle stop screw an replaced with a short one. Then removed the snorkle from the airbox and connected the "Adapter" from my offroad kit. The adapter remaps the ecu an sets it at all 0's like a competition ecu would do. Now i could remap even further with a power tuner but havent got one yet. So the adapters connected, airbox snorkle gone and throttle stop screw changed + offroad exuast tip. By this stage i was so pumped just hanggggin to press the starter. So i popped it an 1st try started, straight away the bike was louder i reved it an it had full throttle and it reved so clean an powerful compared to before. Took it for a spin with stocksprockets an was now liffing front wheel easy 1st 2nd an 3rd gear. It truely feels 5 times faster than how the dealer sold it to me. Im so happy at how its running cold an hot starts no problem. The bike sounds like it can actually breath an get enough fuel now. I still ride on road but no way could i handle this bike at stock level anymore. Bikes done 280km since new. My only concern now is that is the bike running to lean? With all these hotups done... Ive noticed alot mention co2 lvl settings but generally only doing if they are hard starting???. Ive also noticed since all hotups the bikes idle seems a tad higher or its just the loudness haha, ill have to get the tuner an check that n report back. Im almost positive its raised slightly from this new set because idle can be high n take abit to lower when slowing to a stop. Im pretty fussy i guess but yeah have noticed this. The bike setup like this so far has been unreal compared to before. Honestly i couldnt see a can an remap taking it much further from here but will have to see. Ive got plans for a q4 with stock header an aussie map remap with tuner. Any info on best setups, Best fuel maps etc please post. Thanks all for all the info ive been able to get from here. Happy ridin an will post my updates reviews of what ive done. Cheers 

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