00 yz426f timing

ok, so im still having troubles with my 00 yz426 that i bought non running. i found out that the woodruff key was broke so i got a new one. however she still wont fire.

i have spark, new plugs

fresh gas

carb is cleaned thouroughly

is it possible that my timing is 180 off? is that even possible

is it possible that my timing is 180 off? is that even possible

No. Because the spark is triggered at the crank, there is a spark on every TDC, so it matters not which one you use to time the cams. In an engine where spark is triggered by a distributor or from another device attached to the camshaft(s), you get one spark every other rotation, which makes it possible to choose the wrong TDC when setting up the ignition. Can't happen to yours.

first off check your spark

if you got spark, put a little amount of gas straight into spark plug hole

if it doesn't start then compression or timing is off check your fly wheel and cam mark to make sure

if it start but doesn't stay running clean carb and check air way to the air filter

i do have spark. but she wont start even with starting fluid sprayed down her throat. i double checked the timing last night and its perfect. any other thoughts?

its alive......... finally. now she starts first or second kick every time what a relief.

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