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KX 80 to 100 project questions

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Last week I purchased antoher kx 80 that was disassembled. I decided to make this a project bike for my son. His is 11 and can ride really well. He is constantly riding my 250 or 125 but still wants to be able to touch the ground and handle the extra weight. So basically I decided to take this project bike to build it for him. I know I can bore this motor out, but was told by a local machine shop that it just wouldnt last as long goign with a big bore kit. Would a kx 100 motor with power valves give me more power than a bored out one?Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also would like to get as much bottom end power as possible out of this motor, we ride trails mostly. He is fast on teh trails with his 80 now, no fly wheel weights or anything, just bored a little larger

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