Electric start issue

I tried searching but couldn't find anything that sounded like my problem, and I am using a friends computer so I don't have all night to search. The last couple of times I went riding on my 04 wr450f the strangest thing happened. I had already started the bike and had been riding for awhile both times when this happened. I was just cruising down the trail and my electric start just started engaging on its own like I was holding the button. If I pushed the kill switch it died but the e start just kept cranking until I turned the starting circuit on/off button behind the headlight. I would let it sit for a minute and turn it back on, and both times it seemed to stop but only temporarily. I dual sported my bike and used a tusk control switch. In order to cut back on handlebar cluster I wired the e-start into the horn section on the tusk switch. I rode it fine without any problems for almost a year before this happened so I don't think I wired it wrong. I just ordered a new switch because a faulty switch is the only thing I could think of that would cause this problem. I am hoping the switch is the issue but I wanted to ask some people who actually understand the starting system on this bike if there was anything else that could cause this. Any input is appreciated, thanks.

for the starter to engage obviously the circuit has to be completed. normally that is done when you depress the start button. somewhere along the line the circuit is being completed. if it is not the button itself, do you have a couple wires that have rubbed through and are touching one another?

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