2 quick q's...chain length in links and stock fork oil weight?

Looking to order a new DID O ring or X ring chain and some fork oil. Just need to stock specs for chain length in links and fork oil brand/weight. Thanks guys!

PS. Have rode my bike on rocky trails, sand, MX, hilclimbs and no complaints other than its geared a little high for hills! Other than that, man I love this bike!



St. Peters MO

Don't know the chain question answer off of the top of my head, but I know that the manual recommends "Suspension Oil 01" for the forks. I think it's a yamaha branded product. I'm looking to purchase a couple of bottles this week myself.

The stock chain length is 116 links (if I remember correctly?) the stock fork oil is 5wt...I put Mobil 1 ATF in my forks and it really helped alot on big jumps (the ATF is roughly 7.5wt) use the search feature and you will find alot of info about ATF!

I have had really good luck with the EK X-ring chain. It has a 2 holes in every other link to save weight (very, very close to the weight of an MX chain that is non oring) it also is very durable. I spray wd40 on before and after every ride and I have only adjusted it twice since Nov of 00' (I ride mx 1-2x a week) Hope this helps,



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

[i just changed my front sprocket to a 13 tooth renthal and put on a DID ,x-ring chain $123.00 total, orderd it from Motosport outlet. Motoman is right at 116 links It was easier for me to just count 58 of the gold links, or lay the two chains side by side. I had to remove 6 total links off my new chain. And then it needed a little adjustment becuase I went down one tooth in front, also you will need to get a chain bracker tool, or go to a shop to take the links out. I got a cheap tool for$25.00. It broke just after I got he links off. So I suppose I will bring it back for a refund, I guess you get what you pay for. As for me I will be ready to ride this weekend, have fun its an easy project, just wear some sugical gloves or you will be covered in grease, later

Great, thanks guys!


St. Peters MO

2001 YZF426

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