Quick turn on throttle and Z dies-jetting problem?

When idling a very fast turn on the throttle kills the engine, if i roll on a little i can rev it up quick and no problems, but even a small instant change in throttle from idle kills it even when the bike is warm

is this normal? or maybe a jetting issue?

3x3 and yosh rs2 at sea level with 145 main and clip on needle in 4th position, stock pilot jet, fuel screw maybe 3 turns out

it idles good and runs good otherwise

please halp


what kind of carb ?

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Is your idle set high enough? I had to bump mine up once to eliminate that.

My guess is it's a Mikuni....Which jet kit are you running?

How is it's general performance ?

stock carb, jd jet kit

general performance is great, idle seems pretty good might be a little slow though ill check that first

If you have a tach set to 1700/1800 rpm...It's not uncommon to have a some hesitation from low rpm...

I wouldn't be concerned about it's static performance as its all good when when riding..

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