just got 01 yz 426. acts like it wants to start and fire up but when it dose the kick start shoots back up into my foot so hard it hurts like hell ?

ok docomp cable fixed. kicked it with it on a couple times let it go found tdc pulled it in went and 3 inch past let it go back up let go of decomp lever. kicked it and bam it fired for a sec sounded good and then slamed that damn kick start back into my ankel again.....

Dont hold the kickstart down when it dies it will everytime

Did you watch the videos? They were the most useful things when I was learning to start my bike. I know people have given start instructions so far but they all seemed to be missing some minor detail..

From cold:

Twist the throttle quickly twice

Put the choke on

Make sure the hotstart isnt on

Move your bike so it's on the road, with a curb on your left.. Or a rock, or some other stable thing that lifts you up higher on the left side

Wear mx boots, not trainers

Push the kickstart lever with your foot till it goes firm

If at this point you dont have a decomp, keep your weight on it as gases will be escaping slowly and it will eventually go past the compression stage. If you do have decomp, pull the decomp lever and move your foot downwards another 2 inches. The piston is now over TDC and somewhere on the other side

Take your foot off the kickstarter to return it all the way to the top

Make sure your throttle isnt stuck open (roll it off to the stop)

Put your right hand on something else, like the brake reservoir or handlebar bashpad. Do not think of touching the throttle when starting these bikes

Kick the lever down all the way til it bangs on the footpeg; this is not a hard kick, it's a smooth, quick, consistent kick all the way through

If it doesnt go, lather rinse repeat just the kicking part. If it doesnt go after 3 kicks, repeat from the start but only twist the throttle once. If it doesnt go after 9 kicks, slowly wind the throttle all the way open, pull the decomp lever and kick it through 10 times to clear the engine of built up fuel, and start over

The reason why we dont touch the throttle is if it's open even the slightest, the engine will gulp in too much air and your leg wont be able to get enough momentum into the starter system to compress the fuel. It's cold, so we want max suction, minimum air, richest fuel mix

When it's running, there shouldnt be any problem releasing the kickstart lever; My WR lever sticks on the footpeg so I hook it with my foot some seconds after.. It's never kicked me or come flying up (would imply the one way ratchet mechanism it operates on is faulty)

Resist the temptation to gas it right away after it starts.. Let it run on choke for a while, til the engine note starts to change

If it's still kicking you, check the adjustment of your throttle cables and tickover. I had a bike that was giving hard-to-start symptoms like yours and it turned out the throttle cable was badly adjusted and holding the slide open, effectively doing the thing that you must not do above (dont hold the throttle open)

I do not touch the throttle at all when cold or hot starting my 426. It always starts right up. It takes two kicks when dead cold....otherwise it's one kick and go. Just watch the video and start that mo-fo.

fixed decomp cable and it works. but it still kicked back. I had a guy come look at it and he reset thiming it was off 2 teeth. IT now kiks threw fine with no kick back. but it will not start and its showing low compression 30 psi?

Time to check the valve clearance and maybe double check the timing.

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