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Washington Legislative Alert: SAVE YOUR NOVA funds!‏

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The leeches are out in force again!

It's time for YOU to help save our sport and it will only take a few

minutes. Please do this RIGHT NOW, because the timing is critically


As you probably know, the Washington State Legislature is now in session.

So as Will Rogers so succinctly put it many years ago, "No man's life,

liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session."

Many legislators are absolutely so desperate to obtain funding for their pet

projects that they will disregard all prior legislative commitments and take

money from any source that has funds regardless of who provided them or what

those funds were intended to provide. That is unless those funds are

heavily defended politically by their own personal constituents.

YOU are a CONSTITUENT of specific legislators who will be actively stealing

or protecting funds based on what they hear from THEIR CONSTITUENTS. You

need to take 3 minutes RIGHT NOW to be certain YOUR personal legislators

hear from you TODAY. Tomorrow your ATV funds may already be stolen and used

to fund some legislator's pet project.

Please do not let that happen! Take 3 minutes to tell your legislators what

you want in no uncertain terms. A suggested message that you can copy and

paste is included below.

YOU may be the only constituent of these legislators getting this message

and they may not hear from anyone to SAVE YOUR NOVA FUNDS unless you do this


Use this link to the WA State Legislature

(Please copy and paste this link into the Address line of your internet

browser if it does not come to you as a hot link in this email.)

Enter your voting address into the form on that site and be sure the


A map with your personal WA STATE legislators will appear on the screen.

Click on your WA Legislature Senator's name which is displayed at the top of

the list on the map.

DO check the box sending this to ALL of your personal legislators.

Leave the form's 4 digit Bill # box BLANK

Enter "NOVA Funds" in the Message Subject: box just above where you enter

your detailed message

Then write how you feel about them trying to steal the NOVA funds "again"!

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