Stock exhaust for sale

Rob, whats up? How are things in your neck of the woods? are you all settled in yet? zac

I have a 2000 yz426 exhaust system (pipe and silencer) that has one ride on it. I replaced it with a White bros. and when I sold the bike I kept the exhaust. $100 and it's yours. Again, it is like new. My email is not working so you have to call me at 541-928-2634.



Does the 2000 426 header clear the oil filter? I'm pretty sure it does and if so, I'm interested in the pipe and silencer. Send me an e-mail@

I'll try to call you about it but I got so swamped at work I totally spaced it till I looked at my bike tonight.



99 YZ400

Duh, I just re-read your post and saw your e-mail is dead. I'll call ya...


No the 00 426 stock header doesn't clear the oil filter I cuss mine once a month.


I have a '00 426 and the manual says that I need to remove the stock header to take the oil filter out but there is a mile of clearance. I always thought this to be a little odd since everybody always complains about having to remove their header to take the filter out.

:) Joe


You don't have to remove your header at all. Just loosen it and rotate it upwards - that will give you plenty of clearance to your oil filter.


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