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Tank mod question

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Hope Im not the first one to ask this - couldn't find it in search.

I have a brand new Clarke 3.6 gallon tank for a 2003 DRZ400E but my bike is the S model. I have been told that there is a modification that will allow me to use this tank.

All I can see on the schematics is that the S model frame has welded nubs that hold rubber mounts for the tank and the E model doesn't have that - the tank bolts on.

My questions:

1. If I purchase the E model mounting hardware, will I be able to bolt the tank to my S model frame?

2. If so, which parts do I need?

3. If it won't work or if it just isnt worth the trouble, is there another mod I can use?

I can always sell this tank and buy the right one. I'd just like to know if it's a simple enough mod to be worth the trouble.


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