Jetting help please

Ok should I drop down 1 or 2 sizes ?

Try one size down.

Have fun fellas....

Have fun with what? I'm confused

Took it for a street ride today it's still bogging at high rpm high throttle :smirk:

.......................................................................................................And what have you changed?

Nothing yet , was just testing the street kit for the first time

So your post was for what? We told you what to do to fix it and it seems like you've done nothing and it still acts up for you.


Now rejet the damn thing and see if that helps it!

You have to help yourself out dude. You've gotten lots of good help.. now get off your ass and take a look at what you really are working with... good lord.

Once you KNOW what jets you are running BY LOOKING AT THEM AND WRITING DOWN THE NUMBERS... then, and only then, can you begin to sort out your problems.

Dirt bikes aren't for everyone dude.. maybe you should just quit and pick up knitting or something..

I haven't had time to look it's still winter here, plus I can't ride a ball of yarn on the trails :smirk:

So let me see if I've got this correct. You didn't change a thing, and your confused because it's still isn't better. Wow!

Your a joy to work with. Good luck getting help from some others, as I am done here. Perhaps you need to get a 250F. I've visited that site a few times, and it seems like it would be a better fit for you.


This isn't working.. My dealer sold me a 160 main jet and our temperature is like 0-20 degrees and 3000 feet elevation

I pulled out my stock one and it's 165. I'll try the 160 as recommended and let you guys know

160 will work perfectly.

I put in the 160 and it's still jittering/bogging

I am still a believer in going with the JD Jet kit. Take the guess work out of it. Put in his needle and jets and if you still have a problem you can call and talk to JD himself and he will help you work it out.

Although, you will definitely save some money going the route you are going right now. These guys definitely know what they are talking about, you are just loosing some time by the lag of trial and error.

Besides all of the frustration you are having, just think of the experience you are getting. Can't put a price on that. Well some day you will say that.

Ok, it's still doing it with the 160 installed. But more importantly, is it slightly better or slightly worse? Maniac

Doesn't seem much difference to tell. Maybe it is something else, what should I try next ?

I recommend trying a 175 main, or at least something close to that size. Are you running a completely stock exhaust? Do you have your airbox opened up at all? (snorkel removed) Maniac

Thanks to maniacs help I tried a 172 and a 160 and neither helped. Not sure what to do now

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