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2006 CRF250R Valve Shims

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Hi everyone! New to this forum, and I've come to get some advice and help.

I purchased a 2006 CRF250R a few months ago that only had 32 hours on it and is bone stock (was a racer's 2nd bike). After riding a few times, the bike got very difficult to start and eventually... I could only get it started by bump starting it.

So, after checking several forums and sites on the net, I finally broke the bike down today and checked the valve clearances. Here's what I found:

Left intake = .006

Right intake = .0010 (actually, couldn't even get it between the lobe)

Left exhaust = .016

Right exhaust = .016

So, looks like just about everything is off except for the left intake. My question is... what now? I've barely ridden the bike and I know it's been meticulously maintained. Do I shim it? Or, just get new valves and springs? I've been reading about stainless steel Kibblewhite stems and springs, should I just replace? If so, what has to happen to the head?

Or, shim it and sell it to buy a newer fuel injected RMZ??

I'm somewhat mechanically inclined, but willing to just tear into things and figure it out. It usually works out pretty good, and with boys that are growing up racing, I want to do all of the mechanical work I can to save the cash.

Also, I can't seem to get good numbers out of the shim calculator on the CRF page. The numbers I get (e.g. 0.1264) do not correspond to the part numbers on the shims listed. Any ideas?


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Check that out. Wander over to that section of the forum and you'll find lots of info on valve care and what to do in your situation. Welcome to the forum.

Your topic will probably be moved to the crf250r section since it is specific to that bike.


I see you posted over there already. Try to make just one post in the correct forum. Looks like there are a ton of faqs and helpful stickies they will probably help you greatly.

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