Adjusting Valves?

Someone told me i need to adjust my valves on my bike? i just got it how long should i wait until i even atempt touching my bike to do this

Is the bike new or used? If it is used I would do it sooner rather than later. If it is new, I wouldn't go much more than 20 hours before you check them. It isn't hard to do so don't let it intimidate you and it'll give you peace of mind to know.


The bike is new. ive ridden it for about 5 hours so far. im going riding all day on saturday so that will put me close to the checking point

after break in the valves will seat and need very little maint after the first adjustment

Mine are still in speck after about 50 hours of time. I am do for another check so I'll post what I find. Most reports here over the last year or so have been good except for the guys who put a jillion hours on their bikes...

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