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Zacspeed SP-3 availability?

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Been on the hunt for some upper body protection lately but have hit a few walls. Really like the pressure suit concept but after ordering and returning both the Thor impact Rig Se and the Acerbis Cosmo and eating the rturn costs I have relegated myself to the fact that a pressure suit just isn't going to work with my gut. I'm 5'9" and 235lb. Short and fat is a bitch when trying to fit gear. I can get the XXL sizes to fit my chest but no way the kidney belt even comes close. Then the sleeve lengths are a joke. Acerbis makes there stuff to fit an athletic build. Athletic build??? Not me. More like Jabba The Hut!!!

So, I've decided that a standard chest/roost protector is going to be as good as it gets. But I dual sport and go on extended trips in the dez with zero support. Break down and it's a LONG walk back. So gotta carry everything with me. But something like a Fox Airframe with a full backpack over it seems like a compromise and probably won't work. I've always liked the Zacspeed stuff that we can get here on TT. Everything in an integrated unit. But I want the extra capacity of the SP-3, not the RP-3. In the TT store the RP-3 is available but seems that the SP-3 has been unavailable forever.

Does anyone know if we can get the SP-3 or am I stuck with a cobbled together system of some sort?

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