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2010+ Yam WR250R/X, Husa FE390 or other EFI bike?

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Hi guys

Currently I use a WR400 '98 that I rebuilt from seized myself. It's been good in the sense that nothing serious has gone wrong with it; bit of a flame-out/backfire issue at the mo but that's something I'll resolve in a separate thread. Bit savage on its power delivery but it's as quick as my mate's Husky 510 and I've learned to cope with it.. Physically I'm 6'5, 220lb and like to ride rocky trails in all sorts of horrible weather (dont have much of a choice where I live). I also have a YZ426 that's better I think, gearing-wise but quite a handful in terms of power delivery.. It has a bit o a running problem in terms of backfiring/hanging idle and has never idled well - I put it down to being a MXer with a light flywheel and aggressive timing. It's also been messed about with, jets and exhaust wise and runs amazing WOT, but is a freakin' animal for most the stuff I'd want to be doing with it

Recently I've come to have use of my brother's '03 WR450 and man, what a different bike.. It's docile, easy to ride, hard to crash.. Liked the power delivery, gearing and feel. Climbed everything and was generally brilliant apart from when I drowned it and the electrics got wet - could probably happen to any bike tho (but the husky and husaberg I was riding with went through the same lake without a problem) T

owards the end of the day, it started pouring fuel out of the carb overflow, and I'm thinking "what is it with me and carburettors; none of mine are set up right, or they have some problem"

It got me thinking about selling both my bikes and replacing them with something that would be better suited to the kind of riding tht I'm doing.. A recent outing up an ice, rock and snow strewn high mountain pass was very frsutrating going, and I spent more time thinking "I could do with something lighter, as I'm sick of picking this bugger up" also got me more seriously thinking about a different bike

So, I started reading reviews and looking at options. I'm currently trying to decide whether to go for something like a WR250X/R (I have enough bike spares to be able to change the street orientation of the X for dirt, and Xs seem cheaper possibly because of production numbers) or something more unknown like the Husaberg FE390. I might one day get into enduros but for now I'm doing trails. Not averse to maintaining a bike but I'd rather spend more time riding them than changing the oil, which is something that puts me off about KTM-esque ownership. I'm also quite keen on the idea of EFI mainly because all my bikes have something wrong with their carburettor.. I'd prefer a bike with a closed loop system, but I don't think that's an option with current factory-efi. I've thought about installing a MicroSquirt system on the WR400, mainly because when looking at the weight difference between it and the other bikes on the short list the WR400 is lighter and I was hoping to change it for something easier to pick up..

So, for my stated use and maintenance ideals (i.e. not spending my time messing with carb mixture tuning, just wanna offload that to a computer), are there any bikes I should be considering but havent? Should I be more willing to give carbs a go still (because before my bro's WR450 started dumping fuel everywhere it actually ran amazingly well)..

What's my budget? Well.. if I was looking for a '10 plate bike it's gonna be $5500+ at UK second hand prices.. Thanks in advance for any considerations you may have..


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