Chain rattle, only under acceleration

I was taking my bike around the block today, just to check everything out before packing it up, and I noticed that when I accelerate, the chain rattles and shakes. When I look down at it, it's making a fast clank clank clank sound, and not running true. When I back off the gas, it runs perfect true, not wobbling or rattling. The sprockets look fine. Not pointed, none are broken.. Sprockets are tightened fine.. Any ideas?? :)

Check your chain tension. When a bit loose, the chain can hit the inside of the sub frame and make a racket.

Check out the chain slider, on top of the swingarm, right behind the sprocket. Near the back attachment point for the slider, it slaps and clacks on the swingarm, and will cause wear on the swingarm. Some bikes wear worse than others, because the welds on the swingarm are all a little bit different, and the slider might ride more on the weld (which won't wear down like the swingarm will).

Try this... Take out the bolt holding the back part of the slider to the swingarm. Lift it up, and block it up with a wrench or something. Clean under there, and the back of the swingarm with some brake clean or carb cleaner. Then figure out something you have in the garage to put in there to act as a pad. I used some 3M two sided tape stuck directly to the swingarm trimmed to not stick out from under the slider, the thick stuff. This got rid of the noise you are talking about (I only heard it on the pavement by the way?) Others have used a peice of inner tube or other rubber and glued it to the swingarm or to the back of the slider (requires more disassembly). Use your imagination...

You can do a search to find the details, but another fix is to take the grommet shaped washer from that rear attachment point and modify (bend) it, and that holds the slider from moving around so much.

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