Noise question...

This question is coming from my dad who rides a 2000 WR400. He converted over to a YZ and now is going back to the WR so he can go up in the woods and areas up north. He want's to ride around to look at the scenery and to hopefully see some wildlife etc. etc. He was just wondering if the stock WR silencer is quiet enough for this or would anyone recommend a silencer insert that is reasonably priced that will quiet it down even more. He is not too concerned with loss of power but more so the noise. Thanks

Dave Burt

Well now there is a loaded question. The noise issue has made a few laps around this forum with more than 1 battle, and I do mean battle. For more on this issue check out the Land Use Discussion forum a little further down the fourm index.

Asking if it is quite enough is something you have to decide. If your truly concerned about not disturbing someone with the noise then you better stay home. If you want to disturb them as little as possible and still be able to ride then cork that bike up with the stock system from a WR. Then you can go all the way up to a stock MX system.

Just realize no matter how quite you are someone will be upset your there.

Yes, the stock WR silencer is very quiet, for a big bore 4 stroke that is.

I have a fairly throaty FMF pipe on mine, and I still come up on wildlife on the trail plenty often. Have seen Deer, Elk, Grouse, Coyote, and others from my bike. Some closer than I would care too, almost hit a deer couple months back!

I've been very happy with the GYT-R insert. It's pretty inexpensive, a lot less noise than an uncorked WR muffler and only a small loss of power. If you drop the needle one clip the bike should still run nicely. I belong to a dual-sport club that promotes quiet bikes (92 dBA @ 20" @ 3500 rpm is our standard for organized events) and it always passes with flying colors.

Pro Moto Billet make an insert that will fit the stock WR end pipe. Just drill a hole through the top of the end pipe to hold the quiet insert in. Easy removal and insertion in < 1 minute either way. REALLY quietens my Stroker down a LOT (Same diam as the WR stock - Thanks NH_Kevin)

If I remember correctly, I believe I was sound checked with the stock WR pipe and the stock insert on an '01 WR 426 and I came out at 87db. Performance was tamed, but it was stealthy. The aftermarket inserts usually get you up around 94-96db.

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