2008 450 rough mid range

as most of you have seen and helped with some of my questions on here i still can not get rid of the rough midrange on this bike.

i rode another 2008 yz450 yesturday and it did the same crap!

is this normal on these bikes to be choppy at a steady throttle?

if so this bike is going up for sell fast!

If the "choppy" behavior is steady and regular, like when you forget to push the choke off, try lowering the needle one spot, and/or turning in the pilot screw a half turn to see what happens. If it's irregular and erratic, raise the needle one and/or turn the pilot screw out a half. You may need an alternate needle to fix it.

Another thing you can try if the carb doesn't give you any results is to test the TPS for correct adjustment and correct that as necessary. You can also simply disconnect it and run it that way. If it cures the problem, you can leave it like that, but it's sort of a "band-aid" repair.

Ya iv tryed all of that with no luck.

Im going to order a new stator tomorrow and try it.

Iv tryed everything else but the stator.

It's very consistent like electrical issues.

And iv put a new carb cdi and coil and none of them changed it a bit

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