water in cyl head and barrel skimmed

after the dumping of water problem a few days ago had the head and barrel skimmed at an engineers local to me checked the pressure of the barrel everything fine,,now when i went to collect it he said he took quite a bit off and recomends 2 head gaskets,,the mechanic says no 1 will do some how im not sure,, any one came accros this before etc regards peter

I would keep the HG at only one. But you could either get a thicker jug base gasket, or possibly double up one. Just note, if you do space the base gasket, you'll have to make sure the water jacket sleeve oring is thicker also.

First, install the jug with the piston, and rotate the motor to TDC and see if the piston protrudes from the jug. If it doesn't;

Assemble the motor using the used gaskets, and there's some putty you can put on the top of the piston, rotate the motor slowly by hand and check to see if you have any interference issues between either the head/valves or piston Once you've made a few complete rotations, disassemble the motor and check the putty to verify you don't have contact with anything..

thanks mate let you no how i come on fingers crossed,,,still waiting for genuine gaskets :smirk:

water jacket sleeve o ring ?????? where is and what is this pls

look on cheapcycleparts, look for your bike in the OEM parts section.

go to waterpump page and take a look in there.

Orings are #13

Sleeves are #12

thanks mate well update

at last happy now up and running again just plastics to go on tomorrow and chkd over :smirk:

so did you have any issues with piston height/clearance issues after the machining was done? Glad you got it running again.

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