what price range for a 2008 leftover

what kind of price range for a 2008 yz450 leftover?

what kind of price range for a 2008 yz450 leftover?

can't say for a yz, but my local dealer had 07 kx450 for $4300 and a 08 for $4900

Everyone has their own opinion on this, but for me, I wouldnt pay more than $500 above the Kelly Blue Book used retail price. As soon as you buy it and ride it for several hours, the value drops almost immediately to the used price. If for whatever reason you need to turn the bike (dont like it, lose your job, whatever), you will take a pretty big hit.

I bought a lightly used '08 YZ450F last winter for $3400 (with an estimated 10-15 hours on it). It looked brand new. The original owner bought it on year end clearance for $5200 a year or two before. I added accessories and trail equipment and rode for one season and sold for $3500. My point is that you can find a lightly used one and buy it for pretty cheap....so I would only buy if the price the dealer is offering is amazing and real close to the used price. Dont forget, I assume you will have to also pay sales tax on a dealer transaction.

I bought a new '08 KX450 in the summer of 2010. Payed $4200 OTD. I would take in $4500 cash and offer $4000. That will leave a little bargaining room.

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