2008 wr450f speedo

2008 wr450f

Is the odometer just one of the trip meters that you do not reset? Going through the new bike and trying to find the odometer and cannot. Thanks.

Did a previous owner remove it from the bike? It would be hard to miss if it hadn't been removed. The '08 would have come with the electronic odometer/speedometer stock. In fact I think Yamaha started using them as far back as '05 or '06. It's a pretty nice unit that has some neat features.

There are 2 trip meters and no real odometer on the factory speedo/enduro computer so you will have to keep track on your own. It will reset if it loses power.

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There are 2 trip meters and an odometer on the 08.

Thanks guys. I have the stock unit. In the manual it says to scroll through and it has 2 trip meters and an odometer, I just cannot get the odometer to show up. If anyone has the step by step instructions to view the odometer that would be great. Cheers

If it is the same as my 07', I've never seen an odometer on mine. Just 2 trip meters. I would think that it would reset anyways if you removed the battery. Yes?/No?

My 06 has odometer, speed and 2 trip meters with timers. Even with the battery unplugged it doesn't reset

I didn't think we got the odometer in the USA because they are not sold street legal here.

I'm in Canada and ours have them built into the digital unit

FYI Spoke with Yamaha Corporate and they said the US model just has the trip meters the manual I downloaded was from Australia. Cheers

Yep, US has 2 trip meters. I use one as the odo and the other as the trip. I keep track of how many times it passes 999.

Mine is like 5 digets I think... Otherwise I'd be suspicious when it says it had 800km on it

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