Stock bars on 2010 YZ450F

I am putting my 2010 back together after a full teardown and rebuild. I have 2 sets of bars in my shop and can't tell which ones go with which bike. One is off a 2007 YZ450F and the other is to the 2010 YZ450F.

One says 5XC-LO and the other 1C3-90.

Which one is for the 2010...??? :smirk:

I have a 2012 and has 5XC-L1 bars. They feel really narrow to me, does anyone else feel that way? I am probably gonna get some taller and wider bars since im 6'4"

The 5xc is the 2010's

The 5xc is the 2010's

Thanks!!! :smirk:

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