WR450 Bog Question

I have been fighting a bit of an uphill battle with my '06 WR450's jetting. When I got the bike, the previous owner's jetting wasn't even close. So far I have done all of the de-restricting mod's (grey wire, air box opened up, AIS & muffler baffle removed). As far as my jetting, it's as follows:

Pilot- 60

Main- 170

Needle- YZ needle from the GYTR AIS removal kit, clip on 4th (middle)

Leak- 40

Here's the problem. Now that the bike is smoothing out jetting and performance wise, it has the dreaded FCR bog. I have been researching the Boyesen Quickshot 2 and 3. I have also been checking out the R&D Powerbowl. Does anybody have any experience with any of these carb. mods listed above? Just curious if one works better than the other or if any of these are the answer to my problem.

Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated.

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I've got the same bike, but I use the JD jet kit, and I have no issues. Have you done the o-ring mod? Or the Merge racing accelerator pump spring? Either of these will probably fix the bog, and are way cheaper than the bowls you've mentioned above. Maniac

I will get one on order. Thanks for the response.

i would do the o-ring mod first it will make a big improvement

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