Fmf and yoshimura exhaust.

Hi. I have a 2007 yamaha yz450f. It has a yoshimura rs2 slip on exhaust pipe. I wanted to get a fmf megabomb and was wondering if the yoshimura pipe would work with the fmf header?

Generally headers and mufflers from two different brands usually don't gel very well from what I've heard. Plus there could be an issue with fitment.

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Unless someone has tried this, good luck. Even if the header and midpipe are compatible in terms of slipping together, who knows if lengthwise, they'll mate up.

I've got an FMF header, and a new Pro Circuit slip on in the basement, the PC slip on does not fit onto the FMF header. I'd be surprised if the Yosh would fit... but I could be wrong.

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