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86 BW200ES new style build

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I wasn't really sure where to post this and the TW is the closest thing to it so I thought this would be best place, if the mods have a better place please move.

I got a 86 BW200ES a while back and it has been sitting in my shed for a while so I decided to get to work on it. The first issue was to get it running as it looked like it had sat for quite some time. I found the CDI was bad and the only one I could find was $450. I decided this would be a perfect time to start a project that I had wanted to do for a while. I bought a TTR225 engine, carb, harness and all modules for less then the $450 askiing price for the CDI. I figured this would give me a little extra power and parts availablity. So far I have stripped down the frame, swing arm and a bunch of other stuff and painted blue. My vision is to have a New/newer BW that will have current Yamaha colors (paint, plastic and graphics).

This is what I started with




Tear down









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Assembly, This is where I'm at now. I believe I have all of the parts I need but still need to seal the inside of the gas tank (it's plastic, this is to keep the fumes from going through the plastic and bubbling the new paint) paint my plastics and make some graphics.




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