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Hey gang, YEAR-END awards are waiting for last year's CHAMPIONS. We will hand these out after the completion of SuperCourse #1, Saturday, February 18. We still have plans to do it at the new CAL-CITY BEST WESTERN INN & SUITES, which they tell me will be open by our event.

However, if the hotel is not open by then, we will give out these awards at the start/finish (Proctor & 138th) after the event.

Here are the names of those who are getting the Year-End POINTS & CLASS CHAMPIONS: Chris Brown, Ron Quitoriano, Brian Woleben, Anthony Muneton, Jason Jacobson, Aaron Chandler, David Scales, Chris Griffin, Jack Fitzgerald, Guy Comer, David Giorlando, Michael Gaynor, Scott Anderson, Mark Ornellas, David Knight, Chris Dobbins, A.J. Ferguson, Josh Westling and Kyle Melville.

And if that weren't enough, we are also awarding the 2011 SuperCourse #6, from last December. They are: Eric Gunn, Ron Quitoriano, Mark Bradford, Aaron Chandler, David Scales, Dave Olivas, Scott Anderson, David Giorlando, Levi Garrett, Mark Ornellas, Chris Dobbins, Joshua Westling, and Kyle Melville.

We also have a big announcement. We have been working on a new website and we are about to publish it on the internet.

We believe that this new site will be easier to navigate, and for us easier to post on a timely manner. Remember our toll-freefax: 1.877.842.3052

However, keep in mind that we will have some "glitches" here and there, so be patient. We still havewww.altavistaevents.com so you can always go there to download stuff.

Speaking of which, here are the links for the entry and information on our new website:

Entry: http://averacing.com/entries/sc-1/

Info: http://averacing.com/information/sc-1/

Course: http://averacing.com/courses/sc-1/

Get your entry in early and get a great starting spot. It's a "bomb-run" style start so you will be allowed to stage by 9:45 a.m. and no sooner. Also, everyone must have a GPS Tracker to race with. Entry includes the tracker.

Hope to see many of you at this first great event of an eight-event, fabulous series in 2012.



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Feb 14 --

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Cal City Best Western hotel will open on time. Mr. Patel called again today, apologizing, but does not think it will be ready for this Friday. Too bad, but I know it will be open for our next event in April.

Today we completed marking the 11.32-mile course (a bit shorter than originally planned--send us an e-mail to lou@altavistaevents.com and we'll send you the Google Earth "kml" file). We are rating this course as a 5.8 (10 super fast, 1 super-slow), as we took out a couple of sections that were very fast and boring. We still have a couple of miles which are very fast, so please be careful. THERE ARE A FEW "GOTCHAS" that we have marked, but just in case the wind or someone knocks them down, be prepared to hit the binders.

Overall, we think it's a fun course and appropriate for the first event of our season. You'll be challenged, you'll have some tricky stuff, but we know you'll have fun.

Pre-running of the course opens Friday (2/17) from Noon until 4 p.m.

Regarding the Google Earth "kml" file attached. If you don't have Google Earth, not to worry, go to Google Earth and "download" the FREE download. Once you have it, open the "12-SC1-final-feb14" file, highlight the "tracks" icon and then hit "tour" and you fly over the entire course.

Remember: Registration will be at the start/finish line (138th & Proctor) Alta Vista Ranch, on Friday, Feb 17, from 6 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

Late Registration: There will be an extra $25.00 for late fees on Saturday from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m.

Overnight camping on Friday and Saturday, OK - FREE for racers and families and friends.


2011 POINTS CHAPIONS awards will be given out, Saturday at the S/F around 3 p.m. and the SuperCourse #6 event awards will also be given at that time.

We have a few surprises for you that you might enjoy. So we'll see you there!


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