2007 yz450 header pipe

Just trashed my header pipe while taking a spill in some rocks. It was almost pinched shut. The bike sounded a lot deeper, and i didnt have much power in the upper gears. I had to ride 30 miles back to camp. Could this have damaged the Bike at all? I kept in in a high gear and tried to cruise......also. looking for a new pipe. Preferably a stock pipe. What years will match my 07? can i get a stock pipe from a WR? and what price range should i be looking at? thanks in advance. Trevor

The '07 is a stepped header design, and ideally, you would only want to replace that with another '07. The thing that will decide which fits and which doesn't is the outlet diameter. The trouble is that I don't recall precisely whether the outlet on the '07 matches the earlier '06 header, or the later '08/9 one.

There's no likelihood that the bike was damaged.

You should give a try to freezing it straight, though. Fill the header with water and stand it up like a U in the freezer for an hour or two. The expanding ice will push the dent part way out. Let the ice melt without using heat (putting it in a bucket of warm, or even room temp water will speed this up), refill it and repeat as many times as you need to to push out most of the damage. This won't work in really severe cases, or restore it like new, but it works pretty well most of the time, and it can't hurt to try it.

"it was almost pinched shut"

i tried the freezing method for about a week and was not at all successful. my pipe was a DRD Titanium Header with a medium sized dent (quarter size). i used a 5/16" diameter solid rod bent in a shape, with the end rounded, to reach the dent, heated up the header with a propane torch and gentily messaged the dent out. not perfect but worked.

if your header is damaged as you describe, just buy a new header

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