New Clutch

Ok, heres the deal. I took out my clutch to measure and inspect it. It measured at 2.89mm which is alomost the minimum (2.92 is the minimum). So I found a new one by EBC on ebay and bought it. I was curious to see what the friction plates measured out at and come to find out they were not much thicker than what i have (2.94) to be exact. Am I missing something, I would think that a new set would be much thicker allowing for some wear before I need to change it again. Let me know what you think, am I crazy or should I return it? Thanks

I would return it only because it isn't an OEM clutch, and frankly I don't think they work as well or hold up as long. Yamaha sells a complete kit (2S2-W001G-10-00 ) for less than the sum of the plates alone. Call the TT Store and ask them for one.

Thanks for the response, I bought it new in box off of ebay. I got a great price for it. So, for now I'll use it and then replace the next one with an oem

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